What are the wearing parts of Raymond Mill?

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What are the wearing parts of Raymond Mill?Raymond Mill is an early device in the milling industry. Later, through continuous improvement and optimization by ma

What are the wearing parts of Raymond Mill?

Raymond Mill is an early device in the milling industry. Later, through continuous improvement and optimization by manufacturers, it can meet the production needs of different industries. Raymond mill is suitable for materials with a hardness of less than 9 grades and a humidity of less than 7%. During the production process, if inappropriate materials are input, the wear of the internal grinding components will increase and the finished product will be reduced. The quality of the product harms the entire equipment. When we grind materials, we not only need to learn to operate correctly, it is also necessary to understand its operating principle and grinding parts. This article will share with you the wear parts of Raymond Mill and the method of reducing the degree of damage.

The internal operation principle of the mine grinding equipment is closely connected with the wearing parts. When the Raymond mill is grinding materials, it needs to be shoveled between the grinding roller and the grinding ring by the shovel knife until it is crushed into powder, and then analyzed by the analysis machine , Fan and other devices for sorting. Obviously, when the Raymond mill is grinding, it mainly relies on the three major components of the blade, the grinding roller, and the grinding ring to directly contact the material, so these three major components are the main wearing parts of the Raymond mill. In daily maintenance, users need to focus on checking the three, there are enough spare parts in the factory, and they can be replaced in time after serious wear.

Reducing the damage degree of wearing parts is equivalent to prolonging the service life of wearing parts. Doing so can reduce the manufacturer's later investment costs and reduce downtime and maintenance time. So, what measures should we take to reduce the damage of the wearing parts? First of all, when feeding, we must check the hardness, humidity and other properties of the material to see if each index is within the range of the mill. If it can not be put into production within the scope, the harder the grinding material is, the easier the wearing parts will wear, and the wear rate will be slowed down if the conditions are met. Therefore, when grinding materials with higher hardness, the internal parts grinding roller and ring Choose materials with strong wear resistance.

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