What are the specifications of stones and sand?

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What are the specifications of stones and sand?What are the specifications of stones and sand? What kind of stone crusher are they suitable for?In infrastructur

What are the specifications of stones and sand?

What are the specifications of stones and sand? What kind of stone crusher are they suitable for?

In infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, and construction, sand and gravel are indispensable raw materials. At present, the country vigorously advocates the use of machine-made sand. Machine-made sand has also been rapidly developed. Natural sand and gravel have been mined, processed, processed, and screened to meet the purpose of using sand. However, the size and fineness of the stone and sand are different. Different, causing some users to have a lot of doubts, I do not know how to distinguish. This article and everyone will explain the classification of stones and sand, and the applicable stone crusher and other related issues.

In the mining and sandstone industries, the parent rock is divided into high-hardness, medium-low-hardness, and low-hardness rocks according to the hardness. The size of the stones processed by these rocks through stone crushing equipment is usually 5mm-31.5mm. Within the range, the stones in this range are divided into finer crushed stone, medium-fine crushed stone and coarser crushed stone according to size. In the same way, through the combination of different crushing sand-making equipment, finished sand with different fineness can also be processed. Machine-made sand can be divided into coarse sand, fine sand, medium sand and extra fine sand. Under normal circumstances, the fineness of coarse sand If it is greater than 0.5mm, the fineness of fine sand is in the range of 0.25-0.35mm. The fineness of medium sand is less than 0.5mm but greater than 0.35mm. The fineness of extra fine sand is small, generally less than 0.25mm.

Due to the different requirements for the size of finished crushed stone and fineness of finished sand in various fields, we should choose a suitable stone crusher for crushing. For example, the customer's raw material is cobblestone, the hardness is high and the production of medium and fine crushed stone needs to be produced in large quantities. We generally choose two-stage crushing or three-stage crushing when processing, and use the Shibang jaw stone crusher + Shibang cone stone The crusher is used for production. The discharge port of the Shibang single-cylinder cone stone crusher is 4-41mm. The specific cavity shape and stone crushing model can be adjusted according to the user's ideal stone particle size.

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