Steel Slag Crushing Plant

Project Background

Steel slag iron separation equipment researched and developed by our company is of high efficiency. Steelmaking in steel works, the residue

Steel Slag Crushing Plant

Brief introduction of steel slag processing production line

Steel slag iron separation equipment researched and developed by our company is of high efficiency. Steelmaking in steel works, the residue flowing out contains iron, the second recycling uses crane to pour the liquid slag of slag ladle with layering onto the slag bed ( or slag pit ), spray a proper amount of water to make the high-temperature slag quench fragmentate and accelerate cooling, and then excavate and loading with loading machine, electric shovel and other equipment mining loading, then ship it to the residue field.Those needs processing and utilization is transported to the steel slag treatment room for fabrication processing such as crushing, grinding, grading, magnetic separation.

Steel slag iron separation process mainly has the following types

( 1) Disc splash water ( ISC method)

In a steel slag workshop, set elevated splash slag plate, use the crane to splash liquid steel slag inside slag ladle into the slag plate. The slag layer is generally 30-120mm thick, then sprayed with proper amount of water to quench cracking.

Overturn the slag in the slag car, drive the car to the pool water cooling, unload the slag to the tank for further cooling. Residual particle size is generally 5 - 100mm, finally grab it out with grab bucket and then load in the car, send to slag processing workshop,crush from large to small pieces, get into the ball mill for grinding,when up to a certain degree, with mortar pump beat them into the high-frequency screen, sieve,sieved material gets into the magnetic separator for magnetic separation,those not on the magnetic into the re-election, shaker and the spiral chute separate, the grade can reach above 64%, three times of recycle into steel steelmaking.

( 2) Steel slag water quenching process

Hot melt slag in the outflow,falling process,segment and shatter by pressure water. Slag meets water and rupture because of stress concentration from quenching shrinkage, and granulate the slag.As slag has higher basicity and viscosity than blast furnace slag,difficulty of water quenching is big. In order to prevent the explosion, some use slag pot hole,adopt method of water quenching of the water slag groove and limit the maximum flow rate through the aperture of slag ladle slag.

( 3) Wind quenching method

Slag ladle receives slag and transport it to the air quenching device, tip slag ladle, slag flows out via intermediate tank, blown and scattered by the air a special nozzle blows, crushed into particles, in bell type boiler recycle high-temperature air and the heat slag particles emit and trap slag particles. After air quenching particles turn into the converter slag can be used as building materials; the medium temperature steam generated by the boiler can be used for drying and oxidizing the iron sheet.

( 4) Steel slag powder processing

As slag contains free CaO of no tables, when processing converter steel slag with steam of l00 ℃ and 0.2-0.3MPa pressure, its volume increases by 23% to 87%, powder ratio of steel slag less than 0.3mm is up to 50% -80%.Without changing the main mineral phase composition in the slag,it eliminates uncombined CaO, improves the stability of the steel slag. This treatment process can significantly reduce broken steel slag processing capacity as well as reducing the wear of the equipment.

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