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Project Background

China has been the one of the most innovative and experimental users of slag grinding equipment over the last decade,

China has been the one of the most innovative and experimental users of slag grinding equipment over the last decade, and has gone further than most countries in embracing the use of slag for cementitious use. Here global slag outlines the most recent projects for slag grinding in china, and details likely further trends.

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Slag traditionally has been regarded as a cheap waste by-product in China and still is used mainly for road building. Awareness of slag¡¯s potential for use in the cement industry did not arise until the middle to late 1990s when the modernisation and expansion of China¡¯s cement industry began to pick up speed. New investment in high quality cement production has come from local and foreign companies that increasingly have become receptive to new ideas, such as using ground slag in cement production, to obtain a competitive edge and increase profits.

With the slag grinding industry still in its start up phase, estimates of China¡¯s actual slag grinding market size are simply a matter of conjecture. According to some estimates, the combined capacity of all slag grinders currently installed and on order could exceed 20Mt. Some clinker grinding machinery being installed in China by cement manufacturers also is designed to grind slag.

Advantages of high pressure grinding mill for slag

1. Compared with other mills, its capacity increases by 20%-30% under the same power condition, and compression force of rollers to material improve 800-1200 kgf under the force of high-pressure spring.

2. Size of final product can be 30¨C425 mesh. Some can reach the fineness of 1000 mesh.

3. Meets the requirement of national dust-dump standard.

4. The separator can be adjusted very easily.

5. The multi-class seals are adopted to keep the grinding equipment tightly closed.

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