Raymond mill feed too much hazard and solution

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Speaking of the inlet of the Raymond mill, it is very knowledgeable. If the material is too large, the feed is too much or too little, and the feed will be uneven

Raymond mill feed too much hazard and solution

Speaking of the inlet of the Raymond mill, it is very knowledgeable. If the material is too large, the feed is too much or too little, and the feed will be uneven, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the Raymond mill, so I want to guarantee Stable production, cutting the service life of Raymond mill equipment continuously, learning how to feed the right feed is the key, but also the first step. The following is an example of too much feed to briefly explain its serious consequences. .

Excessive feed of the Raymond mill is preferred to cause the following degrees of damage:

It can be seen from the above various damages that there is a big hidden problem of excessive feeding. If improper handling may cause more unexpected accidents, in order to avoid the above phenomenon, strict control must be carried out on the amount of feed. The uniform and orderly feeding amount of the material is difficult to complete by manual operation. It is impossible for a large-scale mill of 75 or more. At this time, an auxiliary equipment is needed to complete the operation, and the feeding control of the milling equipment is required. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder can be selected to work best with the silo. The vibrating feeder performs regular movement under the action of the electric motor, and the material in the silo is uniformly and orderly conveyed to the grinding chamber. One device simultaneously controls various external factors such as too much or too little feeding, unevenness and the like. The impact on the mill. However, even the uniform feeding in the milling production line is not enough. The size and uniformity of the material and the hardness are also important factors to consider. When the hardness is selected, a judgment is needed, and the block size can be realized by external force. At the beginning of the production line, a deep cavity jaw crusher is installed to crush and shape it to meet the requirements of the size of the feed port of the mill. There are many other faults in the inlet of Raymond mill, such as the air blow from the feed port and the powder at the feed port. In fact, these two faults can be classified into one category, because the powder production line is positive and negative. Due to the unstable air flow, we all know that the whole grinding process is a positive and negative pressure circulating air system. The material is also transported under the action of wind force. Breaking the wind pressure structure, the grinding production is greatly affected, which may cause positive and negative There are several reasons for the pressure loss:

If there is a phenomenon that the feed port is sprayed or blown, it can be restored to the normal operation state according to the above three causes of failure. It can be seen that the learning of the discharge port of the Raymond mill is really small, and you want to feed from another angle. The mouth is only a small part of the grinding process, and it is also an important part of the beginning. It is a great article in the process of material grinding, conveying and even discharging. We must carefully learn about each link and even the details in order to achieve high efficiency and longevity. The purpose of production.

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