Magnetic separators from slag

Project Background

This is specially mineral magnetic separator series. The dry magnetic separator ( dry separator ) now has product a generation

Magnetic separators from slag

Sulfuric Acid Slag Iron Separation Process

Technological process of sulfuric acid slag iron separation equipment:

This is specially mineral magnetic separator series. The dry magnetic separator ( dry separator ) now has product a generation, two generation products,adopts open type motion composite magnetic system, which increases the magnetic flip strength and speed in the sorting process, and it does not stick cylinder, does not bind the regiment, with high yield and sorting static effect. This series have the primary election,selection, scavenging three varieties.

( 1) The initial machine: it is mainly used for sorting low grade ore, sand, tailings, slag steel ash. After the primary some tailings are thrown,lean ore grade are enriched, thus reducing transportation costs and improving productivity of ball mill.

( 2) Selecting machine: it is mainly used for less than 80 mesh powder selection, reclaim rate achieves more than 95%, the grade of the powdered iron can reach 60-65%.

( 3) Scavenging machine: it is mainly used for scavenging of low grade powdered iron and higher grade of tailings, river sand, it may improve the grade and additional value of the powdered iron, bodies to be selected by this machine, do not need mining crushing and milling, without other auxiliary equipment it can obtain iron powder, it has the advantages of low production cost, quick effect, high profit.

Purification magnetic separator series

Dry purification separator series ( deironing equipment ), the series of products is the magnetic separator ( dry magnetic separator ) continuously automatically removes and purify iron from dry powder, the internal adopts unique, scientific, ingenious magnetic circuit design,it has different performance permanent magnetic source, strong magnetic force, large suction force,net iron removing, high purification degree. It has many outstanding characters such as low repair rate, low energy consumption, safe use, convenient operation etc.. Manual and automatic control of feed and a three-gear adjustable speed can be done, it can adapt to the demands of different particle size chosen material.It is widely used in abrasives, carbon, fly ash, refractory material, chemical and other industries for iron purification. The magnetic separator has complete models, from single drum to the four drums, magnetic field are different, the user can make your request according to their own requirements,we ensure that you buy with satisfaction,use without worry.

Permanent magnetic separator series products

The iron remover adopts high quality permanent magnet ( NdFeB, commonly known as the strong magnetic ) optimize combination with high coercivity and high remanence, special magnetic system arrangement, make the iron material embedded below the material tumble to above the material to remove iron. It has excellent features such as no maintenance, strong magnetic force, long service life, simple installation, convenient use, reliable operation,it is mainly for removing the ferromagnetic impurities contained in nonmagnetic material, protecting crushing equipment ( such as Raymond mill, crusher, roller extrusion grinding, packaging machinery etc. ) in the lower level operation, widely used in cement plant, brick plant, coal, power plant coal mine, coking plant, sheet metal factory, glass ceramics, flour and other industries for iron removing. In the newly rising waste treatment industry it also needs iron remover to recycle steel mixed in waste materials.

Iron sand separator series products

This machine is made of magnetic roller with high performance permanent , conveyor belts, motor, reducer system,it is mainly used in foundry industry for sand and iron ore,scrap iron separation; it also can be used for preselected operation in magnetic separation plant, expelling barren rock from the ore, raise the processing capacity of beneficiation plant; recovering iron ore from barren rock;processing scrap steel slag for recovery of metal iron; disposal of waste, sorting of metal, to improve the environment.

Sulfuric acid slag iron is a major problem for the environmental protection, making the resources of the country benefits the country and its people.The current sulfuric acid residue selected iron concentrate process are mainly magnetic separation, there exists the problems of the following three aspects:

(1) sulfuric acid slag phase, impurity situation, environment constraints and enterprise oneself actual condition and market have different demands on products after the sulfuric acid residue separation;

(2) in sulfuric acid slag there is rich Fe2O3 (magnetic separation mainly for high magnetic Fe3O4 ) with low magnetism, so the iron content of tail slag accounts for more than 90% of the original slag;

(3) grade of iron ore products completely on magnetic separation is 55% to 59%, bad effect of desulfurization impurities,quality of the finished product is relatively low. Therefore,iron ore market has entered adjustment period, sulfuric acid residue selected ore products because of the backward technology and low grade of the powdered iron appear slow-moving, which leads to the backlog of sulfuric acid slag of sulfuric acid plant again.

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