how much power is required to run a 300 tph gold wash plant

Project Background

Suitable for fine-grained and coarse-grained material washing operations. The stone washing machine reasonable structure

how much power is required to run a 300 tph gold wash plant

【Applicable materials】: 20mm-100mm

【Processing capacity】: 30-250 t / h

[Application]: Widely used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, prefabricated plants and hydropower site with a large number of gravel from the mud, screening operations can also be used for ore sorting operations.

【Products】: vibration stone washing machine mainly for the construction of highways, railways, bridges, tunnels and other high standards of engineering, used to clean aggregate concrete equipment, than similar domestic products, with easy to move, handling capacity, High, saving power and so on.

Suitable for fine-grained and coarse-grained material washing operations. The stone washing machine reasonable structure, easy maintenance, handling capacity, power consumption, high degree of clean. The new sealing structure, the new drive shaft device, adjustable sewage tank, to ensure that the series of products efficient, durable, cleaning, dehydration effect, fine particles to maintain stability and so on.

Performance characteristics

1. Integrity

In addition to the finished material heap belt machine, all systems are integrated in a single frame, both to ensure the integrity of the equipment and leave appropriate maintenance and inspection space. High integrity to facilitate the construction site storage or transit transport, convenience and security.

2. Working reliability

The core of the stone washing system mixer principle, raw materials in the mixing tube by the continuous spiral blade rolling, pushing and friction between the role of material, the role of a strong natural high reliability.

3. The use of economy

① The storage hopper capacity of 8M3, the loader reasonable arrangements for the main equipment (such as mixing station) and stone washing machine loading time to avoid the loader in the different feeding points and frequent transposition between raw materials, storage hopper mouth width greater than 3 meters , But also easy loading of the loader, reduce labor intensity.

② with automatic compensation for water and finished products from the machine when the leaching, the discharge function in the mud sink.

4. Finished stone can be stacked can also be warehouses or bucket (such as: into the ingredients of stone hopper)

Washing equipment: Overview: Sand extraction equipment Centrifuge concentrator is based on the principle of strengthening the centrifugal gravity dressing equipment. Water jacket centrifuge is developed by our company a kind of gravity processing equipment, centrifugal concentrator drum to a certain number of high-speed rotation, the ore from the miners to the miner by the mouth into two parts of the inner wall of the drum . The pulp with the drum high-speed rotation, under the action of centrifugal force, heavy minerals deposited on the inner wall of the drum and rotate with the drum, the mineral pulp in a certain differential speed with the drum rotation, in the rotation process to a certain Of the helix angle from the feeding end along the rotary drum slope direction of the discharge end of the rotary flow to the end of the discharged ore miner discharge, is the tailings. To 3 minutes after the sorting to the ore miners automatically transferred from the original normal position, to stop the drum to the mine, to be discharged after the tailings, discharge ore miners automatically transferred from the original normal position ready to intercept the concentrate , And then automatically open the high-pressure flushing water valve, high pressure flushing water will be deposited on the drum wall of the concentrate washed down after the completion of high-pressure water valve valve automatically shut down after the row of ore row, ore miners, The ore miner automatically resets to start the next sort cycle. Centrifugal concentrator, also known as centrifugal chute. Centrifuges of many types, but the structure is basically the same. Centrifuges produce high centrifugal force at high speed, strengthen the re-selection process, so that the fine ore particles get more effective recovery, it appears to successfully solve the full recovery of fine particles, therefore, is currently widely used in the recovery of tungsten, tin, Iron and other mud.

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