Copper floatation machine in kenya

Project Background

Copper mineral processing plant, copper production line manufacturer #8211; SBM. Equipment sale to Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria

Copper floatation machine in kenya

Copper mineral processing plant, copper production line manufacturer #8211; SBM. Equipment sale to Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, kenya.

Copper Mineral

Pure copper ore is soft and malleable; an exposed surface has a reddish-orange tarnish. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys. So our company developed new kinds of copper ore processing plant to meet the demand of the market.

Copper Mineral Processing Plant

Main equipment in copper mineral processing plant is about vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, crusher machine(jaw crusher, impact crusher,cone crusher), ball mill, classification equipment, magnetic separator, flotation machine, rotary dryer and supporting conveyor equipment, etc. In copper mineral production line, flotation is the main method of copper mineral processing.

Copper Production Line

Copper ore processing in copper production line includes:

1. Copper ore crushed by jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher

2. Copper ore grinding by ball mill

3. Copper ore flotation by flotation machine, includes roughing, choose and fine selected

4. Copper ore concentrate processing (dehydration, dry, classification and packaging)

Copper Production Line Manufacturer

SBM Machinery is a professional copper production line manufacturer in China. Leader in mining machinery industry for over 20 years in China, we can offer you high quality copper mineral processing plant

working principle

Mechanical agitation flotation machine work, then in the vertical tube and guide tube eddy current, the eddy current to form a negative pressure, the air from the intake pipe inhalation, in the impeller and stator area and the draft tube inhalation of pulp mixed. The mixing flow of the slurry is tangentially moved by the impeller, then converted into radial motion by the action of the stator and evenly distributed in the flotation tank. Mineralized bubbles rise to the foam layer, unilateral or bilateral scraped out of foam products.

Copper-lead-zinc flotation process:

Prior to the selection of flotation reagents, inhibitors and inhibition methods are pre-determined because they are affected by flotation reagents in the preceding copper-lead-zinc separation operation. The molybdenum-containing copper concentrates by dewatering dense machine, and then through the series of scrubbing machine for high concentrations of strong mixing, the purpose is to wash the surface of copper concentrate pharmaceutical film, reducing the floatability of copper, and finally tune Pulp coarse sediment.

In the rough selection, the inhibitor arsenox and sodium cyanide inhibition of copper, crude foam selected after thickening machine after re-adding sulfuric acid and sodium ferrocyanide stirring, transfer to the flotation process for a Featured, Featured foam plus sulfuric acid, sodium ferricyanide and polysulfide for mixing, the second selection. After the three selected foam and then by the dense machine, filter, transported to the ball mill and then grinding, and finally by the 6 selection, the last selection to use high concentrations of sodium cyanide solution, so as to be qualified lead zinc concentrate , So copper-lead-zinc flotation separation process is very complex, focusing on operational procedures.

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