Construction waste crushing plant

Project Background

How is urban construction waste generally treated?There are also many types of urban construction waste, such as construction waste (many bricks) in demolished

How is urban construction waste generally treated?

There are also many types of urban construction waste, such as construction waste (many bricks) in demolished houses in shantytowns, broken old concrete roads, and broken asphalt concrete roads.

If the garbage is not reprocessed, it is generally used for filling large pits.

Primary processing:

If the construction waste of house demolition is crushed, sorted, and sieved by mobile or fixed crushing machinery to produce graded masonry, it can be applied to the base of the access road and has good water permeability. The corresponding old concrete pavement can be made into recycled sand and gravel aggregate. Old asphalt pavement can be made into rap raw materials.

Secondary processing:

According to these primary raw materials, it can be processed into recycled environmental protection bricks, recycled cement stabilized mixtures, recycled asphalt concrete, and so on.

With the rapid development of the times and the acceleration of urbanization, many construction projects are also underway. However, it has also brought a lot of construction waste, which has no place to be disposed of and is not processed and used in a timely manner, which has adversely affected the environment and resources. One more recycling, one more green, reasonable disposal of construction waste, construction of worry-free places, disposal of worry-free raw materials, and sales of products. Mobile construction waste crusher combine multiple needs and conditions, and design from manufacturing to Intelligent manufacturing, with one equipment can also achieve the feeding, crushing, screening, transportation and other links, one-stop completion.

The distribution location of construction waste is uneven, and traditional crushing equipment can only operate within a fixed range. Obviously, it cannot meet the requirements of construction waste crushing. Based on the work of traditional crushing equipment, the mobile construction waste crusher upgraded and improved The production line has become the best choice. Combining excellent maneuverability and crushing technology, according to the changes in the production site, the crushing production line is instantly transferred, and the work is more efficient, simple, and energy efficient.

The emergence of mobile construction waste crusher eliminates the transportation of materials, which can save a lot of transportation costs. For some areas with small crushing sites and inconvenient operating environments, the mobile construction waste crusher has a very good crushing effect, including In addition to the crushing, screening, feeding, conveying and other equipment, the overall investment cost is less, and the purchase cost of a whole set is much cheaper than the purchase price of a single device. When users purchase equipment, the company will , As well as the specific requirements of the output and the material requirements of the finished product to configure the equipment selection and configuration, the specific selection of several crushing and screening systems need to be selected according to the user's processing needs.

Construction waste crushing plant Performance characteristics

The accumulation of construction waste not only pollutes the air, but also a waste of resources. After processing by the mobile construction waste crusher, useful resources can be obtained and environmental problems can be improved. During the operation, the operator can control the production in the operation room, saving time and labor, saving costs and increasing production efficiency. At the same time, the design is enhanced with the airtightness of the fuselage. It is equipped with a unique dust collection and noise device. Part of the dust collection, no more dust, noise pollution, and the city is green.

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