Black powder magnetic separators

Project Background

With many years of experience in magnetic separation, the monetary authority of Singapore Baiyun company to provide equipment

Features Of Black Powder Magnetic Separator

With many years of experience in magnetic separation, the monetary authority of Singapore Baiyun company to provide equipment, effective treatment of various kinds of ore processing business complete line These heavy dry drum separators are powered by permanent magnets or rare earth magnets. The depth of the strength and the magnetic field is controlled by the magnetic poles and the size of the pole piece and the number of magnets, and the design of the arc of the magnet assembly.

Black Powder Magnetic Separators Processing

SBM has new all electro-magnetic and new long lasting coal black powder magnetic separators for substantial volume, hefty duty applications. These black powder magnetic separators present state-of-the-art electro or long lasting magnetic circuits to supply maximum efficiency. They can be ruggedly built to supply prolonged support daily life with minimal upkeep.

SBM’s coal black powder magnetic separators are utilized for continuous separation of coal from bulk resources. They include a stationary magnetic body which covers about half on the drum’s circumference. All around this magnetic entire body revolves a wear-resistant, non-magnetic drum shell with one or much more strippers on its circumference. This strips are mounted on a fixed axis which can be turned to your desired place and clamped there by means of clamping bearings. The drum shell, made of stainless steel or manganese steel, is linked by its finish plates to sealed roller bearings.

Black Powder Magnetic Separators Works

After the ore slurry tank flows into the tank under the action of water to the mine water pipe, a loose state mineral particles enter the tank to the mine. The role of the magnetic field in the magnetic mineral particles magnetically together and form a "magnetic group" or "flux", "magnetic group" or "flux" in the pulp by the magnetic force to the magnetic pole movement, and is adsorbed on the cylinder . Since the polarity of the magnetic poles along the rotational direction of the cylinder are alternately arranged, and immobilized at work, "magnetic group" or "flux" when rotating with the drum, due to the magnetic poles of alternating magnetic stir phenomenon is generated, is mixed In the "magnetic group" or "flux" in the gangue minerals and other non-magnetic flip falling down, the final being sucked in the cylinder surface "magnetic group" or "flux" is the concentrate. Go to concentrate the magnetic system with the cylinder edge magnetic minima in unloading ore discharged flushing water under the action of water is discharged to the concentrate tank, if it is full magnetic magnetic roller, brush roll unloading ore is carried out. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the pulp slurry is discharged outside the tank with, that is tailings.

Black powder magnetic separators unique features

Black powder magnetic separators is mainly used for a variety of weakly magnetic minerals, carbon black, iron ore, limonite, quartz sand, feldspar, hematite, garnet, mines, magnetite tailings, weak magnetic ore, sulfuric acid residue, abrasives, refractories ,, iron building materials and other industries, some iron is also a multifunctional device. Black powder magnetic separators according to customer's need of rehabilitation, according to the scene to set the device to meet the needs of customers, the magnetic field strength in 1000-18000GS, magnetic force up to a maximum 18000GS, high magnetic field strength, suction, saving, processing large, high recovery rate, less power consumption, stable performance characteristics. In addition to the advantages of black powder magnetic separators :

Our company offers a variety of magnetic minerals prototype, laboratory, according to the customer different ore samples, materials, processing requirements, mineral taste, different ore beneficiation making processes, and provide experimental results and data, according to the scene after the test was recommend the most appropriate complete set of iron removal equipment, the requirement to achieve the best, and for customers on-site test equipment, professional user training operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the normal operation of the production line. Welcome to the new and old customers with ore samples or materials to my company to experiment!

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