XSD Sand Washing Machine, Washing Machine
  • Name :

    XSD Sand Washing Machine

  • Features:Simple structure, stable operation
  • Application:XSD sand washing machine is widely used in...
  • Contiguous item:Jaw Crusher Mahcine, Sand Making Machine
  • 1. Simple structure, stable operation;
  • 2. Suitable for a variety of work environments;
  • 3. Long life, almost no wearing parts;
  • 4. In rare cases in need of repair, it can greatly reduce the cost;
  • 5. Bearings and water, materials separately, to avoid damage to the phenomenon of the machine prematurely due to pollution caused by rust;
  • 6. The wash less material loss, high efficiency washing election, can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.
Model Impeller (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
XSD2610 Φ2600×1000 ≤10 20-60 1.178 8-7.5 Y160L-8/7.5 3255×1982×2690
XSD3016 Φ3000×1600 ≤10 70-120 1.179 8-15 Y200L-8/15 3845×3000×3080

XSD sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants (gravel plant), concrete hydropower dam sites and other industries. The machine has a clean and high, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, less loss of sand (sand washing process), another GX series sand washing machine transmission parts are water and sand completely isolated, so the failure rate is much much lower than the usual sand washing machine equipment. Sand washing is the best choice for upgrading industry.

XSD Sand washing machine is known as stone washing machine, sand products are mainly used to remove impurities (such as dust) machines, because greater use of washing method, it becomes sand washing machine. Among them, because the general is sand (made from stone crushing), it is also known as stone washing machine. And works differently because of their appearance, also known as spiral sand washing machine, sand washing machine drum, water wheel sand washing machine, sand washing machine vibration.

When XSD sand washing machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment. Mainly used for building materials such as sand and gravel washing and dehydration. This series washing machine has the following advantages: reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, power consumption is small, clean and high.

Working Principle:

XSD Sand Washing Machine, Washing Machine

When XSD sand washing machine works, the power plant by belt, gear, gear driven rear wheel slowly rotating, sand from the trough into the wash tank to complete the cleaning action. Clean gravel away from the blade, and finally into the gravel from the rotation of the impeller discharge chute, complete cleaning effect gravel.