Raymond Mill

Product Features: The Raymond Mill is a grinding machine, suitable for the preparation of various kinds of mineral powder and coal powder preparation.

➤Moh’s hardness below Grade 7

➤Moisture below 8%

➤Non-combustible and non-explosive

➤Feed size ranging from 40 to 400meshes

Working Principle

1) Raymond mill works closely under the centrifugal force on the grinding ring rolling by shovel blade materials to roll grinding and grinding ring middle, material crushing grind into powder under the effects of stress, and then under the action of the fan to blow up into a powder material through analysis machine to achieve the required fineness of the material through the analyzer, who fail to return to the grinding chamber to continue grinding machines by analyzing the material into a cyclone separator to collect manager . Exhaust ventilation using industrial fabric isolation once into a powder. Raymond Scope This machine is mainly used in barite, calcite, potash feldspar, limestone, talc, Whitehead, gypsum. Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.3, high fine powder processing and humidity below 6% of non-flammable mineral products, chemicals, building materials, such as hundreds of materials, product size in the range of 40 ... 400 mesh of arbitrary regulation . This series of products for different materials, different fineness, different yield, etc., into the high-pressure micro-grinding, extreme pressure suspension mill, Raymond mill three series of a dozen ordinary models. Raymond entire structure is composed of a host, analysis machine (separator), plumbing fixtures, blower, finished cyclone, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Which hosts Raymond from the rack, into the wind volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, casing and motor.

2) The entire work process of Raymond mill (the process of grinding materials): large bulk materials by jaw crusher to the desired size, by the hoist the material sent to storage hopper, and then sent through a uniform continuous quantitative feeder the host indoor grinding mill, powder mill was taken away after the fan airflow. The analysis machine graded powder fineness comply with the air through pipes into a large cyclone collector, were separated and collected, and then the powder discharge pipe is finished powder. Airflow and then by large cyclone collector upper return duct blower inhalation. The whole machine is closed loop gas flow system, and is in a state of negative pressure circulating.

3) When heat is generated by the grinding mill indoors due to a certain moisture content of the material, grinding mill indoor gas evaporation resulting in change of the gas flow, as well as the whole of each pipe connection is not tight so that the outside air is sucked, so air circulation flow increases, leading to mill even less flour machine blasting machine, for which the new European version of the ladder mill explosion-proof measures have been set in the upper part of the body, you can maximize avoid Raymond machine blasting machine incidental or consequential damages, at the same time, this case can also be adjusted over duct fan and to achieve a balance between the host airflow, and excess gas is introduced into the small cyclone collector, the residual gas into fine powder collected down, and finally by a small cyclone collector upper section of the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere, or introduced into the dust collector makes emptying gas purification, however, the operator of the technical requirements are relatively high, and the need to detect and adjust.

The Standard Operating Theory Of Raymond Mill

The Raymond mill operates mainly underneath the power of affecting and grinding. The motion of Raymond mill obtainable inside the cylinder total body takes many diverse types. Some media make upward motion by affixing for the section of cylinder.

The movement trajectory about the grinding total body will probably be 3 sorts: only one is climbing movement also to rotating barrel in compliance towards the concentric circular track centering the mix-sectional geometry center one more is downward motion across the parabolic trajectory.

The rotation pace and also the filling rate working with the cylinder possess a large impact around the grinding effect. In compliance in towards the several factors, the motion forms is regularly made clear the following.

When the cylinder pace is merely also really low and Raymond mill media are too couple of, there will simply be moving and sliding and essentially no influence may possibly be created, so the grinding functionality is basically not so outstanding.

When the cylinder speed is nice, the grinding media can attach by themselves towards the cylinder wall underneath the influence of centrifugal power. The grinding media can make upward circular motion together together using the cylinder and may very well be come to the appropriate best, following which land like projectiles. The grinding media come in a definitely waterfall condition and crush material working with the optimum impact drive, and meanwhile the moving and sliding inside the grinding media will have employment while inside the whole strategy of fabric grinding.

Raymond Mill (Raymond Mill) Structural Features

Raymond Mill performance and stability, cost-effective, easy to operate, compared with other mining machinery Raymond Mill structure has the following characteristics:

(1) Raymond Mill (due to the vertical structure, covers an area smaller.

(2) Raymond mill sets of strong, from the block material to the finished product crushing, independent production system.

(3) after Raymond grinding grinding finished product size can achieve the required fineness of 99% through, which is other milling machine can not do the job.

(4) due to the use of electromagnetic vibration feeder, easy to adjust, feeding uniform, small size, light weight, fuel efficient, easy to use and maintain.

(5) electrical centralized control, advanced selection.

(6) host transmission using a closed gear reducer, smooth transmission, reliable operation, no leakage of oil phenomenon.

(7) the host knife blade easy to replace the blade after the replacement, the blade from the upper and lower parts of the two parts, the lower part of the disassembly after the disassembly of the bolt can be replaced. See Figure 2-4 in the number 4 (blade).

(8) The main drive part, shown in Figure 2-4 is still pulley drive shaft through a pair of bevel gears, driving the spindle to rotate, the current production of Raymond Mill (Raymond Mill), for the next type of motor and drive The mechanism, which eliminates the drive system in Figure 2-4, improves efficiency and is more compact.

Raymond Mill History

In 1906, the first Raymond mill appeared at the Curt Von Grueber machinery factory in Berlin. Since the grinding force of the Raymond coal grinding roller was limited by the diameter and speed of the roller, the mill was only suitable for soft and low. Ash and easy to grind coal materials. In 1925, ECLoesche summarized the use characteristics and structural drawbacks of the first generation Raymond coal mill, and developed an improved Raymond mill. Although the roll diameter increased, the grinding power increased little; later, the American Burning Engineering Company Based on this, Raymond Branch has developed a new generation of Raymond mill, called VR mill. Since May 31, 1995, Raymond Grinding has patented the product name, and it has been nearly 20 years old. With years of development and improvement, the types and models of Raymond mill are also increasing. Raymond mill has stable performance, strong adaptability and high cost performance. Over the years, it has been highly praised by users, and it plays a very important role in crushing equipment.

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