MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill

Product Features: Low energy consumption, high yielding and high gains
Input Size: 0-35mm
Capacity: 3-22TPH
Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

Working Principle

After jaw crushers break large bulky materials to smaller ones, elevators work to send materials to the hopper. Then, by electromagnetic vibrating feeders, broken materials are evenly and quantitatively sent to the grinding chamber of MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill. After grinding, materials are blown away by airflow to the powder concentrator for classifying. Under the action of the impeller of powder selector, materials which fail to meet fineness would be sent back to grinding chamber to get another grinding while qualified powders would be collected by cyclone powder collector and discharged from the bottom as finished products. And, after that, the airflow would go into the fan along with the air return duct at the top of cyclone power collector. This system adopts a closed circuit and runs under positive and negative pressure. Because materials have a certain content of moisture, heat generated during grinding may lead air evaporation or swell in the grinding chamber so that the amount of airflow increases sharply. Besides, if the feed port and joints of pipelines are not sealed well, external air may intrude the grinding mill and lead imbalance of airflow. So, SBM arranges exhaust valves at the air outlet of the fan to induce redundant air into the bag filter. After purifying, the redundant air is discharged. This arrangement can achieve both the balance of airflow and the eco-friendly production.

What's A Exceptional Surface Grinding Mill Producers

As top rated manufacturer and supplier of vertical grinding mill. Surface mills is amongst the helpful tool room machinery useful for giving shape and size to numerous metals, plastics, rubber etc.. The products have huge favour available on the market because inside the manufacturing technique of the very most effective mills. We always consider its quality process for instance properly seasoned casting, properly scrapped surface, proper machining, top rated quality of raw material, greatest quality of spares, genuine bearings & motors, magnetic chuck of greatest quality and highly acceptable precision. We use powerful and efficient technology for your vertical grinding mill producers in India, for instance drive system to handle the panel in the mill, AC motor for mix feed mechanism, censors etc. causing us to be unique and efficient grinding mill manufacturer and supplier in India.

Stainless Castings

Gem Industries is among the knowledgeable and efficient manufacturer of stainless castings in a variety of grades. All of the stainless castings got resistance from corrosion and abrasion. The products do not require any kind of plating for final use and so are heavily found in auto-mobile industries, construction industries together with other engineering industries. The stainless castings products are built with higher quality of raw material , metals and induction process and so are properly designed and created through the powerful engineers. We're very recognized for the conventional products.

Warmth Resistant Castings

Gem quantity of companies may also be manufacturer of heat resistant castings. The products for instance warmth treatment trays & fixtures are highly applied available on the market due to top rated quality of induction process, raw material, metals and skilled lab pressure.


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