Construction waste Crusher
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    Construction Waste Crusher

  • Features:Car installation support, equipment stationed efficient
  • Application:This paper introduced the status of domestic and abroad construction waste resources, and compared in a number of ways....
  • Contiguous item:vibration feeder, jaw crusher, heavy third-generation sand making machine, vibrating screen and other special equipment

    Construction waste crushing production line operating advantages: construction waste crushing production line is improved from the old hammer crusher on the basis of the combination of two hammer crusher, a reasonable combination of a whole, construction waste grinder Looks good, practical and strong. Using the upper and lower two-stage double-rotor crushing principle.

  • 1. Construction waste crusher without sieve and grate bottom, smash a wide range of raw materials for wet and dry material moisture content without any requirements.
  • 2. Construction waste crusher is used up and down two-stage crushing, the material after the first crushed into the second after the crushing, the material in the construction of garbage crusher cavity formed a hammer powder material, the effect of powder material, and then Unloaded directly from the discharge port.
  • 3. Construction waste grinder with original two-way gap technology, when the hammer wear, adjust the position of the hammer to ensure that the gap between the hammer and liner to ensure the effect of the material size.
  • 4. Construction waste crusher device has a balance device, you can save 20% of electricity, also enhanced the hammer crushing power. Increased production.
  • 5. Construction waste crusher to change the past butter mouth filling. Now improved into a centralized lubrication system, non-stop can also be filling.
  • 6. Construction waste crusher with hydraulic start the case, a person can easily open
  • Maintain and check parts quickly and easily.
Model Car Body Feeder Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Size(m) Power(kw)
YG938E69 Two-Spindle ZSW380×96 500 6-11 PE600×900 500 6-75 B800×8.5 200 12600×2550×3870
YG1142E710 Three-Spindle ZSW420×110 580 6-11 PE750×1060 630 8-90 B1000×9.5 250 13900×2750×4320
YG1349E912 Three-Spindle ZSW490×130 750 6-22 PE900×1200 750 8-130 B1200×10.5 270 15450×2950×4380
YG1349EW86 Three-Spindle ZSW490×130 750 6-22 PEW860 720 6-132 B1200×10.5 320 15450×2950×4380
YG1349EW110 Three-Spindle ZSW490×130 750 6-22 PEW1100 930 8-185 B1200×10.5 400 15450×2950×4380

Construction waste separation is an important part of the realization of its resource-based, reduction, through the selection will be useful to be fully selected to be used, will be completely separated from the harmful, there is an important function is to build waste into different granularity Level for different recycling applications. The basic principle of sorting is to use the physical properties of materials or chemical differences in the nature of its separation. For example, by separating the magnetic and non-magnetic differences in the waste, separating the particle size differences, and separating them by the difference in specific gravity. According to different nature, you can design and manufacture a variety of machinery for solid waste sorting. Sorting includes manual picking, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic sorting, buoyancy sorting, optical sorting and so on.

Currently widely used construction waste disposal station types and equipment With the progress of science and technology and the rapid development of construction waste industry, a large number of heavy machinery manufacturing companies to build waste treatment equipment into the key R & D and manufacturing areas. Followed by a number of construction waste disposal and recycling companies. Currently the most widely used form of construction waste disposal station is mainly in situ regeneration and plant mixing regeneration in two ways: local regeneration: the use of mobile equipment in the construction waste site for processing. The advantage of this approach is that the various equipment can be moved close to the processing point, reducing transportation costs and avoiding secondary pollution; then the various mobile devices can be combined with each other to produce a variety of recycled aggregates.

This paper introduced the status of domestic and abroad construction waste resources, and compared in a number of ways. Through the in-depth thinking about our construction waste resources, brought forward from the legal, policy, management, technology research, standardization, source control, industrial develop -ment and other approach, promote the process of comprehensive utilization of construction waste in a planned way and step by step, this is a effective and scientific way to realize construction waste resources.

Brief Introduction to Construction waste Crusher Line

1, the concept of construction waste disposal, construction waste is regarded as a resource, to abandon the traditional "waste" thinking, through the construction of waste treatment to make it waste into treasure, in the settlement of construction waste on environmental pollution at the same time A certain economic benefits.

2, construction waste crusher line is the waste of construction waste can be used for a particular project of building aggregate and recycling of recyclable resources.



Construction waste pretreatment:

Mobile Jaw Crusher, Mobile Crusher

Roughing of construction waste

As the decoration works increasingly complex, making the resulting increase in the composition of construction waste, increasing the difficulty of follow-up processing. The collection of construction waste to a certain extent, increased the input of subsequent processing equipment, reducing efficiency. If the source of construction waste on the classification of collection, can greatly improve the value of the main components of the recycling. Such as construction waste can be divided into concrete blocks, steel, glass, plastic, wood and other types, you can separate them in the field stacking, the construction process can also be placed in the field of different trash to distinguish. China's human resources is rich, the labor force is relatively cheap, you can use the above ingredients for simple sorting, which is the most simple and effective way. In some of China's major cities, there have been some professional demolition company, can be collected for the classification of construction waste.

Construction waste crusher

Disposal of construction waste is one of the important ancillary operations in the construction waste disposal process. The object of the crushing operation is mainly concrete materials and stone, the purpose is to reduce the particle size, increase the uniformity of its shape, so that the subsequent processing steps. For example, the crushing operation can make the size of the construction waste smaller and more uniform, the gap between the waste material is reduced, the capacity increases, thus saving the storage space, transportation to increase the traffic; the broken construction waste after screening, wind election , Magnetic separation and other separation treatment, due to the uniform size of construction waste, increased mobility, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of sorting, crushing after the construction waste is also conducive to high-density landfill treatment, saving landfill Field space.

Broken crusher to use the crusher, due to different crushing methods and the nature of the material is also very different, in order to meet the needs of practical work, crusher form is a variety of, according to its work object or structure and working principle, Can be divided into the following three:

Crusher: for the first piece of large pieces of material broken, can handle the maximum diameter of the material block to allow more than 1 meter, mainly to crush the way work, grinding ratio is not large, generally less than 6.

Middle crusher: The particle size of the treated material is usually not more than 350mm, mainly in the way of crushing or crushing. This type of crusher usually includes crushing operations, including crushing ratio is relatively large, generally 3 to 20, individual up to 30 or more. Fine grinding machine: for grinding particle size in the 2 ~ 60mm material particles, the product size does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, the smallest up to 0.1mm below the crushing ratio of up to 1000 or more.


Construction waste crushing production line

In the process of urbanization, construction waste as a product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development, many cities in the world have a garbage siege situation. As environmental issues become more and more important, energy conservation and environmental protection become the theme of national development, and China has begun to provide industrial development opportunities for construction waste disposal. In response to the national "energy-saving emission reduction" concept of environmental protection, our company's scientific research staff devote themselves to the number of research, and finally successfully launched a complete set of construction waste disposal equipment. The product process to vibration feeder, jaw crusher, heavy-duty third-generation sand making machine, vibrating screen and other special equipment to the construction waste for crushing, screening.

Construction waste crushing production line Introduction: Construction waste crushing production line mainly by the vibration feeder, jaw crusher, heavy third-generation sand making machine, vibrating screen and other special equipment. According to the construction waste construction process of construction waste in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other processing and processing, in order to achieve resource recycling. My company for many years research and development of gravel material production line equipment, quality assurance, according to the actual situation of customers, to provide the best design.

Construction waste crushing process: the production process of concrete in the construction of garbage, waste bricks, stones and other jaw crushers in a simple rough, and then into the construction waste crusher crushed, and then into the shaker screen Minute. Qualified stone through the belt conveyor into the dry magnetic separator for iron removal, unqualified stone again into the construction waste crusher to break, thus forming a closed loop to ensure the quality of stone specifications.