Wharf Belt Conveyor, Conveying Machine
  • Name :

    Wharf Belt Conveyor

  • Features:High carrying capacity and the length is customized
  • Application:Wharf belt conveyor can be used for horizontal
  • Contiguous item:Jaw Crusher Machine, Hammer Crusher
  • 1. High carrying capacity and the length is customized;
  • 2. Anti-skidding design ensure that it works very well even in severe environment;
  • 3. Easy to operate and easy to maintain for it has simple structure;
  • 4. Different models for choice.
Belt Width (mm) Belt Length (m) /Power (Kw) Belt Speed (m/S) Capacity (t/h)
400 ≤12/1.5 12~20/2.2 20~25/3 0.8~2.0 40~80
500 ≤12/3 12~30/4 20~30/5.5 0.8~2.0 78~191
650 ≤12/4 12~20/5.5 20~30/7.5 0.8~2.0 131~323
800 ≤10/4 10~15/5.5 15~25/7.5 1.0~2.0 278~546
1000 ≤10/5.5 10~20/7.5 20~25/11 1.0~2.0 435~853
1200 ≤10/7.5 10~20/11 20~25/15 1.0~2.0 655~1284

Wharf belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation transport, easy to use, widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises, such as: mine underground tunnel, mine ground transportation systems, open pit and concentrator. According to transportation process requirements, can a single delivery, may have more than one composition or with other transportation equipment horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet the different needs of arrangement of the operating line.

Conveyor (belt conveyer), also known as belt conveyor is widely used in home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, assembly of objects, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation and so on. Line body transport can choose according to process requirements: a variety of control conventional continuous operation, beat run, variable-speed operation, such as; line body chosen local conditions: a straight line, curve, slope and other forms of transportation equipment line includes: belt conveyor belt, also known as conveyor or belt conveyor, is composed of rhythmic flow lines indispensable economic conveying equipment. Conveyor belt according to their ability to be divided into heavy belt as mine belt conveyor belt light such as plastics used in electronics, food and light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Belt conveyor has a transmission capacity, transmission distance, the structure is simple and easy to maintain, easy to implement procedures to control and automation. The use of continuous or intermittent motion conveyor belt to transport 100KG following items or powder, teeth-like objects, which runs high-speed, stable, low noise, and can transmit more than downhill.

Working Principle:

Wharf Belt Conveyor, Conveying Machine

Wharf belt conveyor consists of two endpoints and its closure on sleeve conveyor components. Driven rotating conveyor drum called a drive roller (drive roller); the other is to change only the direction of movement of the roller conveyor called bend pulley. Driven by a motor through reducer drive roller, conveyor and conveyor drive roller friction rely between drag. Drive rollers are generally mounted at the discharge end, to increase traction, conducive drag. Material from the feed end of the feed, the fall rotating conveyor belt, relying on friction drive conveyor transported to the discharge end of unloading.