There are several models of ultra-fine vertical mills to choose from? How big is the output?

There are several models of ultra-fine vertical mills to choose from? How big is the output?

The vertical mill is a very important equipment in the grinding and mining industry. It appeared early and opened up new methods and roads for mine application. It laid the foundation for the subsequent extension of milling equipment, in-depth grinding technology and grinding application. Why is this? Say? Nowadays, various types of mill models and different types of mills on the market are improved on Vertical Roller Mill. These milled equipments have different production advantages and different market audiences, but they are all different. To the ultra-fine, high-yield development, especially the ultra-fine vertical mill, it is the crystallization and representative of the current high-tech mill.

There are several models of ultra-fine vertical mills to choose from? How big is the output?

The ultra-fine vertical mill is also called LUM ultra-fine vertical mill. The description of the use of milling technology is to process various non-flammable and explosive mineral products with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 7%. Conventional materials are available such as quartz, feldspar, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, bauxite, iron ore, coal gangue, coal, etc. The fineness of the finished product can be 0.18 mm (80 mesh). Any adjustment between ~0.010 mm (1250 mesh).


There are 3 types of ultra-fine vertical mills, namely LUM1125, LUM1232 and LUM1436. These 7 models include small, normal, medium and high output. Each type of equipment is in feed, central shaft speed, grinding ring, The configuration of the grinding roller, main engine power, fan power, and analyzer power are different. These are the key factors affecting the output and efficiency of the mill. The mill manufacturer is not only a simple answer to improve a certain configuration. The mill model is coordinated, scientifically to change the configuration to achieve a specific milling target.

Milling users consult manufacturers are required to produce high-yield, high-fineness, ultra-fine vertical mill in the requirements of high-fine grinding requirements, there are no flaws in the high-yield models, LUM1125, LUM1232 two models Ultra-fine vertical mills are produced at a high speed of 28, 35 tons. The large-size HGM175 is also a large-volume ultra-fine vertical mill. The range of production (Nissan) is 10-80 tons, suitable for large-scale Used in the mill processing plant.

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