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Project Background

The rapid development of industry in the state, but for the level of utilization of industrial waste was not to improve China's current total utilization of slag is very low, usually made of cement and cement grinding together, but the poor performance o

The rapid development of industry in the state, but for the level of utilization of industrial waste was not to improve China's current total utilization of slag is very low, usually made of cement and cement grinding together, but the poor performance of the mad war grindability If and cement grinding together, then not play very well the potential hydraulic activity, it will affect the performance of cement and concrete. The early strength cement will fall, setting the time delay, frost relatively poor performance, increased drying shrinkage and other issues. If the milled slag to the specific surface area 400m2 / kg or more, as a cement admixture or concrete admixtures can significantly optimize the performance of cement and concrete. In the raymond mill equipment play a remarkable instinct, Raymond mill is mainly used for cement plants, steel mills, power plants and grinding equipment.

In any industry in energy saving shouting slogans, there are many industry continued efforts. Due to the low cost of slag powder production, so the sale price is lower than the price of cement, raw materials and high-quality high-performance concrete, widely used in large-scale commercial concrete mixing station, which can replace a variety of concrete in the cement, but it also can be used as a modifier of concrete, can significantly improve the performance of concrete, with good economic and social benefits. At present, China's Raymond industry very quickly, into the new century, China's major milling companies to increase efforts to carry out technological innovation. Because the product upgrading is a necessary condition for the development of enterprises. Raymond manufacturing industry in order to obtain long-term development, technological innovation must be at the forefront of industry.

Our mill industry has always been the "energy innovation" as the focus of research and development, while absorbing the advanced milling technology, with its years of advanced mill design, and ultimately developed a new type Raymond mill equipment. The new Raymond mill used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, product size in the same circumstances, than the other series of high milling yield, high utilization of wearing parts. In the same material and product size, the service life of wearing parts is higher than in other mining machinery, and efficient environmental protection products, reflecting the Raymond mill combine development and environmental protection of new ideas.

Raymond importance separator system and grinding systems

Raymond mill is mainly based on two systems of mill processing equipment, the two systems are physically grinding systems and wind separator system in close cooperation with these two systems is completed Raymond mill grinding material elected fundamental. After Work, wool material to break into the small jaw crusher reached into the mill's size, you can use the elevator into the hopper, then into the mill's grinding chamber via an electromagnetic feeder, scoop up spilled and with the airflow into the grinding roller and grinding ring area formed. Roller pressed against fixed to the casing wear rings in centrifugal force, the material is ground under pressure and friction. After the election, when the powder material passing through the analysis unit into the upper part of the pipe Raymond Mill, the last separator elected, the failure will naturally fall back to the grinding chamber re-election powder, after which the remaining gas separators After a baghouse filter will be discharged into the atmosphere.

Raymond machine after a long period of improvements added pressure spring, increasing the pressure between roller and grinding ring, which can enhance the friction material during polishing, with a certain amount of powder production capacity. Linkage with a roller, roller sports overall increase, making the force more evenly grinding ring, but also make the finished product more uniform powder. While optimizing wind power system enhances analysis capabilities analysis machine, so Raymond core part of the wind system, will increase the capacity of the system cyclone indirectly enhanced the meal production capacity, but also enhance the quality of the finished product material . Raymond increased adjustability and increased fitness of different materials, so you can expand the scope for material improvement in Raymond.

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