How to deal with the decline in vertical roller mill output

The output of vertical roller mills has always been an important issue for all manufacturers. When the output of vertical roller mill declines, it will bring various inevitable losses to the company. So how should we deal with the vertical roller mill output when it declines?

As a vertical roller mill manufacturer with sixty years of manufacturing experience, we have a comprehensive after-sales service and a professional technical team. I will introduce to you today how to deal with the decline in vertical roller mill output.

In order to deal with the decline in the output of vertical roller mills, it is necessary to find out the root cause. Through inspection and analysis, the following three ideas are sorted out:

  • 1. Material particle size: When the vertical roller mill is put into excessive material, the impact and grinding action in the mill will not function normally. Such operation will directly lead to unreasonable grinding process, and the result is material. The particle size is reduced, resulting in a decrease in yield.
  • 2. Ventilation problem: If the vertical roller mill ventilation problem is not handled well, it will directly lead to the grinding phenomenon of the mill, thus reducing the output of the vertical roller mill. In order to increase the output of the mill, it is necessary to strengthen the vertical roller mill ventilation to ensure the normal operation of the mill.
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  • 3. Material moisture: When the water content of the input material is too large, when the vertical roller mill works normally, it will cause adhesion between the material and the grinding body, which will cause “blockage”, and the vertical roller mill will increase the output. In normal operation, the moisture of the material must be controlled to ensure that it is within a reasonable range.

The above is the introduction of the same force heavy machine for the decline of vertical roller mill output. If you want to consult the vertical roller mill for more information, please contact us through online customer service.