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Project Background

The ultrafine grinding technology of the raymond mill is a new crushing engineering technology developed along with the modern high technology and new materials industry. It ha

The ultrafine grinding technology of the raymond mill is a new crushing engineering technology developed along with the modern high technology and new materials industry. It has become one of the most important deep processing technologies for industrial minerals and other raw materials, and it is a modern high-tech industry. The development is of great significance.

China's powder industry has become a cross-industry and interdisciplinary industry. The output value of the national powder industry has accounted for more than half of the total output value of the first and second industries, and it plays an important role in the national economy. Professor Hu Rongze, Chairman of the China Powder Industry Association (Finance), pointed out that "the powder industry has a very important strategic position in the entire national economy because of its extensiveness, frontier and practicality."

After the material is super-finely pulverized, as its surface area increases, it can cause other performance changes, and greatly improve the use effect and utilization rate of the material. Ultrafine powder is infiltrating into the entire industrial sector and high-tech fields, and is known as the origin of modern high-tech. Ultrafine grinding technology has been widely used in chemical, metallurgical, mining, building materials, daily chemicals, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and aerospace.

In recent years, China's economy has made rapid progress, and mill equipment has played a vital role in the territory of its engineering projects. Nowadays, the mining machinery mill industry has gone through the extensive development stage of relying on the advantages of low labor and sacing the environment. In line with the development trend of the international low-carbon economy, the mill industry is actively exploring the development path of energy conservation and environmental protection. This is not only a matter for governments at all levels to further change their concepts, but also for the majority of mill manufacturers to emancipate their minds, broaden their horizons, and treat industrial development with an international perspective.

Today's national conditions have higher standards for the quality of large-scale manufacturing products, but in this potential application, there is one thing in common, that is, the application of basic materials, the birth of new ultra-fine powdery items, almost all of which are occupied. Application requirements in the mechanical engineering industry. SBM Machinery has grasped this trend in the wave of development, and has applied the technology to the R&D and manufacturing of the mill with a unique vision.

Ultrafine powder is mainly produced by crushing and grinding non-metallic minerals, hard stones and organic materials. The materials mainly include kaolin, limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, clay, coal, activated carbon, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, marble, limestone. More than 500 kinds of materials such as carbon black and clay. Most can be used directly in industrial product processing. The ultrafine powder material can be modified to double its use. The modified ultrafine powder is not only a filling material, but also an important component of the product composition, which can improve and improve products such as strength, elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and radiation resistance. And so on. And can greatly reduce the production cost of the product.

HCM series ultra-fine grinding machine (micro-grinding mill) is a new generation of high-efficiency ultra-fine powder processing equipment independently developed by SBM Machinery. It combines the advantages of high-speed impact grinding and airflow grinding, and takes the essence to form its own unique crushing mechanism. Energy efficient, so you can no longer cost a lot of money to produce ultrafine powder. The output energy consumption has reached the national standard, and it is at the advanced level at home and abroad, and has been well received by users in various industries. The fineness that can be achieved by processing ultrafine powder is -3 to 22 um.

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