What problems need to be observed in the test process of construction waste crusher?

What problems need to be observed in the test process of construction waste crusher?

Users who have used the construction waste crusher know that it is necessary to idle the test machine for about half an hour before starting the machine to ensure that there is no abnormal situation and then feed work. What is the abnormal situation we are talking about here? Today, North China Heavy Industries has come to talk about what issues need to be observed during construction of the construction waste crusher.

  • 1. Whether the construction waste crusher vibrates
  • This requires us to observe if the anchor bolts are loose, whether the major axis is balanced, whether the hammer is worn badly, and whether the lubricant is qualified.

  • 2, whether the device has abnormal sound
  • Users can eliminate problems by checking the presence of metal materials inside the crushing chamber, loosening of the lining plate, collision of the hammer head with the lining plate, and breakage of the hammerhead.

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  • 3, the body is overheated
  • There are many kinds of situations that cause the body to overheat, for example: lack of lubricating oil, deterioration of the contamination, crushed cavity inside the material, motor failure and so on. At this time, users need to stop the machine first and perform a comprehensive inspection of the construction waste crusher to find the root cause and solve it in time.

If the above problem does not occur during the test machine, it proves that the construction waste shredder is all normal and the performance is relatively stable. After the belt equipment completely enters the working state, it starts the feeding work again, so that the safety of workers and equipment can be guaranteed. Effective operation.