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Project Background

The concrete crusher is mainly used to crush and screen the materials containing concrete, bricks, rubble, cement mixture, and gravel residue in the construction waste.

Mobile concrete crusher plant

Applicable materials: construction waste such as concrete aggregate, suitable for processing materials that require mobile operations.

Scope of application: It is widely used in construction waste reprocessing and other industries, and fine crushed and medium crushed various materials with a compressive strength below 250Mpa.

What is concrete

Ordinary concrete refers to artificial stone with cement as the main cementitious material, water, sand, stones, if necessary, chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures, mixed in an appropriate proportion, and uniformly stirred, compacted and cured. . Concrete is mainly divided into two stages and states: the plastic state before setting and hardening, that is, freshly mixed concrete or concrete mixture; and the hard state after hardening, that is, hardened concrete or concrete. The concrete strength grade is divided by the cubic compressive strength standard value. China's ordinary concrete strength grade is divided into 14 grades: C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75 and C80 .

Concrete refers to materials mixed with water, cement, sand and gravel according to a certain proportion. It is one of the necessary materials for current building infrastructure. Due to different needs, the concrete strength is divided into 14 different grades. With the current increase in the speed of national infrastructure construction and the pace of urban reform, a large part of construction concrete is treated as construction waste, causing waste of resources. According to this situation, Shandong SBM has withdrawn construction waste. The crusher can effectively solve the environmental protection treatment of concrete construction waste and turn the second use of concrete into a treasure. It not only solves the problem of construction waste pollution, but also solves the waste of construction costs and increases economic benefits.

Concrete crusher

The concrete crusher is mainly used to crush and screen the materials containing concrete, bricks, rubble, cement mixture, and gravel residue in the construction waste. The crushing form of the SBM concrete crusher is a toothed roller crusher. After SBM The toothed roller crusher crushes the material to a usable particle size and makes it into recycled sand and gravel aggregate. It can be applied to: the bottom stable layer of highway construction, and high-grade pure cement concrete aggregate can be reused as concrete after crushing Filling and mixing construction sand aggregates, reusing resources of waste construction concrete materials.

Of the equipment often used to crush concrete, jaw crushers are used more often, and there are also mobile crushing stations that use jaw crushers. The division of jaw crusher models is mainly based on the width of the inlet. The width of the inlet is less than 300mm is a small jaw crusher, and the width of the inlet is between 300 and 600. The mouth width is more than 600 (including 600) is a large jaw crusher. At the same time, jaw crushing is also divided into two types: coarse crusher and fine crusher according to the different granularity of incoming and outgoing materials.

Mobile concrete crusher structural parts

Concrete crusher is a crusher that simulates the movement of two jaws of an animal to complete the material crushing operation. The main components are a toggle plate, a side guard plate, a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate, a spring, a bearing, a V-belt, and a toggle pad. The main working part is the movable jaw.

In use, due to the long-term high-pressure impact of stones and other materials, some parts of the body are prone to wear and tear. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the concrete crusher. Strictly observe the operating rules in daily operations, and perform regular inspections, inspections and replacements. When wearing consumables, you often need to ask about the size, model, and material of the consumables.

Performance advantages of mobile concrete crusher plant

The depth of the crushing cavity of the mobile concrete crusher is large and there is no dead zone, which greatly improves the feeding capacity and the output amount, and the crushing of the equipment is relatively large, the product size is uniform, the grain shape is beautiful, and it meets the standard.

The energy-saving performance of the equipment is good, the energy saving of a single machine can reach 15% -30%, and the energy saving of the system can be more than doubled; the range of the discharge port can be adjusted according to the different requirements of customers.

The control cabinet can be equipped with advanced touch control screens to achieve functions such as startup, process adjustment, misoperation prompts and protection, electrical control operations, faults and safety prompts;

The angle of the conveyor can also be adjusted to expand the working conditions to meet various working environments.

The structure of the equipment is optimized. The vehicle has a low chassis, a compact and reasonable structure, and extremely low requirements for road transportation conditions. It is extremely convenient and fast to change and enter and exit the site. At the same time, it reduces the process of raw material transportation and greatly reduces transportation costs , Energy saving and efficient.

  • Uniform grain size, beautiful grain shape
  • Good performance and easy adjustment
  • Reasonable structure and intelligent operation
  • Easy transition and low cost

Precautions for using mobile concrete crusher

  • 1. During the use of the equipment, pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment. When excessive noise or vibration occurs, stop the machine and inspect it quickly.
  • 2. During the operation of the equipment, pay attention to observe the quality and yield of the product. When the quality and yield are not normal, there may be failures such as crusher, screening machine blockage or screen surface damage, etc ..
  • 3. In the maintenance method, the component pre-repair method is better. This method is performed under the condition of equipment operation. Because complete components are prepared in advance, the maintenance time is greatly shortened, and the equipment operation rate can be accordingly guaranteed.

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