Comparison of five processing methods for cone-shaped eccentric sleeve

Comparison of five processing methods for cone-shaped eccentric sleeve

The eccentric sleeve is one of the key components of the cone crusher. The spring, Simons, single-cylinder and multi-cylinder series are known in China. Although the shape and size of the eccentric sleeve are different, they are basically the outer circle and the inner bore axis. Tilting, so the machining methods are generally the same, this article will introduce you to several common processing methods of cone-shaped eccentric sleeves, and make a comparison.

Sleeping simple tire method

The eccentric sleeve outer circle is processed on the sleeping car by a conventional method, and the cylindrical card tire with the inner hole axis inclined is placed on the sleeper card, and the two ends of the inner hole are changed to zero, and the eccentric sleeve is placed, the top wire is fixed, and the tire and the eccentric sleeve are fixed into one body. The ordinary long arbor brakes the eccentric sleeve (cone) hole in the eccentric sleeve.

The processing method is suitable for the case where the eccentric sleeve is short, the sleeper has a large slide longitudinal automatic movement, and the middle slide can automatically move radially according to the inclination of the eccentric sleeve hole. The processing method is relatively simple, but because the arbor is long, the amount of knives is small, the vibration is large, and the accuracy and efficiency are slightly poor.

Lying and standing

Basically the same method as above. After the outer circumference of the eccentric sleeve is processed by the sleeper, the centrimeter is directly clamped on the vertical vehicle, and the inner shank (straight) hole is processed by the long arbor. This processing method does not require any tires, is suitable for a single piece, is inefficient, and the machining accuracy is determined by the operator's level.


Sleeping car, special boring tire method

In the same way, after the eccentric sleeve is rounded, the sleeper is mounted on a special bracket fixed on the sleeper rail, and the lathe chuck is stuck with a special arbor placed in the eccentric sleeve cone, and the other end of the arbor is Bracket support. The arbor has a differential transmission mechanism. When the arbor is rotated, the two gears on the arbor and the two gears fixed on the lathe turret are rotated due to the difference in the number of teeth, and the integrated connecting screw is driven to rotate. A knife is fixed on the seat. The axial direction of the wire base guide is made according to the inclination of the eccentric sleeve cone hole. When the chuck rotates, the boring tool on the special arbor is axially displaced along the axis of the eccentric sleeve cone while rotating together with the arbor. According to the radial displacement of the eccentric sleeve cone, the eccentric oblique (straight) hole of the eccentric sleeve is machined.

The method has the advantages of complicated tire clamping, high processing precision and high efficiency, and is suitable for mass production. However, the shank guide rail is easily damaged by the swarf dust, the gap is large, and the machining accuracy is poor.


First hole after outer core mandrel method

Basically the same as method one. However, it is necessary to first process the inner hole of the eccentric sleeve in the sleeper, and the eccentric sleeve is fixed to the mandrel by the hole. The side hole of the mandrel tailstock is processed according to the angle of the inner and outer axes of the eccentric sleeve, and the eccentricity is calculated according to the length of the mandrel. Sleeper card, top mandrel, outer circle for machining eccentric sleeve.

The processing method has a large change in the radial dimension of the tapered hole, and the axial position of the eccentric sleeve is greatly changed on the mandrel, and the eccentric sleeve is long, the mandrel size is large, the processing is inconvenient, and the efficiency is not as high as the above two processing methods. The accuracy is completely determined by the mandrel accuracy.


CNC machining method

In recent years, some manufacturers have purchased CNC boring machines, which can easily process eccentric cones with excellent precision and efficiency.

In order to ensure the processing quality of the eccentric sleeve, CNC machining is the direction of machining. However, at present, some domestic manufacturers have no such machine tools, and the eccentric sleeves are processed by general-purpose machine tools, which are inferior in accuracy and efficiency. Among the above methods, the processing precision and efficiency of the relatively special boring tire method are slightly better.