Breaststroke Brilliance: Swimming’s Elegant Stroke Fundamentals


Breaststroke swimming is graceful. It’s the oldest swimming stroke, represented in ancient art. Once you master the Breaststroke, it’s fun. It’s a powerful, rhythmic water dance. Let’s learn the breaststroke basics and how to master this attractive swim style.

Kicking and pulling make up the breaststroke. The stroke requires synchronization of these motions and breathing.

The breaststroke kick, or frog kick, distinguishes it. Start by bringing your heels toward your buttocks. Your legs should form a diamond with your feet facing outward. Kick out and back in a circle, like opening and closing a book. Finally, whip your legs. This propels us onward. Kicking with flexed feet maximizes water displacement.

Upper body pull is next. With arms completely stretched in front of you, fingers together, and palms down, pull. Bend your elbows and push outward until your hands reach your shoulders. Bring your hands back together and extend them again. This should be done quickly and sweepingly, like drawing a heart or “M” underwater.

Now combine the kick and pull down. Breaststroke kicks and pulls are done sequentially. Kick after pulling your arms back to your shoulders. After the kick and glide, stretch forward for the following cycle.

Breaststroke requires breathing. The breaststroke lets you breathe with every stroke, unlike other strokes that keep your face underwater. Pull your arms back, elevate your head, and breathe. Exhale as you raise your arms and dip your head again.

Learning a new stroke, especially the breaststroke, is difficult. Some tips:

Be patient. It takes time to master the kick-pull sync.

Separate motions. Practice the kick and pull independently before combining. Integrate after mastering each part.

Finally, form trumps speed. Start gently, practice your movements, and speed will come effortlessly.

Breaststroke is like water ballet. Once learned, its graceful movements make it fun to swim. Take your time, breathe, and follow the breaststroke beat.

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