our missionAs can be seen from the second picture on the right side, our mission is: " We forge our quality with care and elaboration, mold our resplendence with sincere and persistence; we, in pursuit of being envoy of honesty, will progress with the world in harmony and sparkle the light of civilization all the way! " In addition, we have a vision: "What we do today is to ensure the future of our group with youth and spirit for ever and ever. We are doing everything to make our business after 100 years is still alive, vibrant and still young." We have a dream! We can realize the dream!

    The hall of our officeAs shown on the left, this is our office lobby. This photo gives the first impression is clean and tidy. It can be seen, the method of implementation of 6S management of our company is very strict, like the strictly disciplined army. Disciplined leads to win the war. Similarly, the company's strict discipline leads to succeed. Every day we are out from the door, but the clean environment has never changed. In order to strictly implement 6S management methods, the company hired a lot of cleaning staff. The cleaning staff is to ensure that the company's workplace (including inside the factory) clean. In the course of the work, the staff were also very active in keeping the workplace clean. In the company, it is natural to form a corporate culture.

    our meeting roomThere is another similar corporate culture. Implementation of office and conference room 6S management methods, depending on the employees to carry out their own. For example, employees in every Monday to conduct a clean-up time. They cleaned the office floor, conference room floor, for each dead for cleaning and wiping tables and chairs and so on. In the last Thursday of each month, we will share in a conference room autonomously. Share content without any restrictions, regardless of work or living areas. The formation of the corporate culture is to make a little more communication between staff, summed this month they have learned and share it with other colleagues within the company to make progress together.

    chat roomOur company is engaged in mining and manufacturing enterprises. Our machines are exported to the world's five continents, namely: Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America. So, we need to talk to any other country in the world to communicate, even to discuss negotiations to finalize the price, and the formation of orders and follow-up service. In this process, we will carefully furnished room to negotiate customer satisfaction. From the production of products, the product advice, to entertain clients, to negotiate the price, to the formation of the order, to the delivery of goods, to after-sales service, we have intentions to serve you. If you want to know more product information, please contact our customer service staff.